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Below you'll find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to purchasing our products, their uses, and other miscellaneous questions. If you have a question that is not answered below, please visit our contact page and a representative will be in touch.

Punching Questions

How do I determine the correct size die for my punch?

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Material type and material thickness determines how much clearance you need between the punch and die. The harder the material the more clearance you’ll need. The thinner the material, the less clearance needed. The thicker the material, the more clearance you’ll need. This will then dictate what size die will correspond to your punch.

Clearance Chart

How do I reduce tonnage?

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Adding a shear to the punch end is the most common way to reduce tonnage.

Adding a shear also reduces tooling and machine shock, and can help extend the tooling life.

Contact Customer Service to determine the correct solution for your application.

Punch End Configurations

How do I know which type and size keyway is needed for my punches?

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The machine you have will determine which type and size keyway you need. Below is a list of popular keyways.

1/4" x 1/8" .250 WIDE x .130 DEEP
4mm x 4mm .157 WIDE x .157 DEEP
4mm x 2.5mm .157 WIDE x .098 DEEP
6mm x 4mm .236 WIDE x .157 DEEP
V-Groove .250 WIDE x 90º

If you are unsure of what type or size keyway you need:

Refer to the machine owner’s manual

Measure the keyway width on the machine’s Punch Stem

Contact one of our Customer Service Representatives

We recommend adding keyways to all shaped punches. Keyways keep users safe by ensuring the shaped punch does not rotate.

1/4" x 1/8" Cross Keyway


6mm Cross Keyway

4mm Cross Keyway

How do I extend the life of my tooling?

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Apply Punch-Easy Lubricant to your punch and die about every 5-10 hits

Having proper clearance between your shear blades, punches, and dies

Having your material completely under the stripper plate when punching

Adding a special coating to your punch

Adding a special shear to your punch end

What are punch coating options?

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MG1: a general-purpose coating with excellent wear resistance allowing for increased tool life and performance. Recommended for applications in medium carbon-steels, alloyed steels, and general-purpose machining. Not recommended for applications in nickel, copper, or stainless steel.

MG2: A harder more lubricious coating offering superior wear resistance allowing for maximized tool life and performance. Recommended for applications in stainless steel, titanium alloys, low carbon steel, alloyed steels, aluminum alloys, nickel, and copper.

What are common mistakes when punching?

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Using the same size punch and die – do not use the same size punch and die. Refer to Question 1 to determine the correct die size for your punch.

Not having your material under the stripper – if your material is not completely under the stripper, the material will stick to the punch during the upstroke. This could break the punch end.

How do I punch angle iron or channel?

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Angle Iron can be punched leg down by using a standard punch, an Offset Die, and a moveable Die Block.

Adding length to your punch is a great way to punch angle or channel. Ask your Customer Service Representative about adding length to the body of the punch.

Other tooling options include a Double Step or a Gauge Line Flat.

How do I find the dimensions of a punch or die (if no part #)?

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When measuring a punch, your Customer Service Representative will need the Head Diameter, Body Diameter, and Overall Length.

When measuring the die, your representative will need the Outer Diameter and Height.

You can also refer to your machine’s manual.

Punch Dimensions

Die Dimensions

Video Demonstration

How can I avoid burrs in my material while punching?

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The most common reason for burrs in your material is having too much clearance. Refer to the clearance chart for the correct punch and die size per material thickness.

Clearance Chart

What shaped punches and dies are in stock?

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Corner Radius


*Stock Sizes may vary

How thick of material can I punch?

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Never punch anything thicker than the ‘A’ Dimension of your punch.

Example: if your punch size is 1/2”, your material thickness should not exceed 1/2”.

Online Store Questions

How do I find something not shown on the online store?

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If there is a size not listed online, email us at, or call us at (330) 296-4342.

Chat with a live Customer Service Representative to get help right away, without having to leave the website.

Can I order tooling online internationally?

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We currently ship online orders to the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

For all other international orders please call 330-296-4342 or email

Can I pay online with account terms?

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If you are ordering online, you can only use a Credit Card, no account terms.

To pay with terms, contact a Customer Service Representative.

How long does it take to ship an order?

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Stock items typically ship the same day if ordered before 3:00PM EST. Stock items ordered after 3:00PM EST will ship the next business day (excluding weekends and holidays).

Punches with keyway features typically ship the same day if ordered before 12:00 PM EST. Punches with keyway features ordered after 12:00 PM EST will ship the next business day (excluding weekends and holidays).

Miscellaneous Questions

Where can I find the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Punch-Easy?

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Contact a Customer Service Representative to obtain a copy of our SDS. Sheet is shipped with purchase of Punch-Easy or Easy-Thin.

What accessories do you stock?

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We stock all kinds of accessories for your tooling applications and machines. Common accessories include:

Die Holders

Die Reducers

Coupling Nuts



Punch Holders

Punch Stems

Quick Change Sleeves

Urethane Compressor


How can I receive promotions from Cleveland Punch and Die?

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To receive marketing email promotions, Click Here.

Do you sell machines or drills?

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No, we manufacture and sell punches, dies, shear blades, and accessories for ironworkers and various punching machines.

We have strong relationships with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Dealers, so we can help connect you with a machine representative.

What is Punch-Easy?

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It is an exceptionally good punch and shear oil for thick, high-carbon steel, armor plate, grader blade, farm implement tools and stainless steels. It's to be used for cold applications and not made for any hot application.

Applying directly to the punch, die, and shear blades helps reduce friction and heat which then increases the life of your tooling. It also helps keep your tooling from rusting.

Custom Application Questions

What are custom punch shapes that can be made to order?

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Our engineering team can make many different punch designs that fit with your machine. Here are a few examples of the different custom shapes and designs that our team has engineered and machined:

8 - Point Star Punch and Die

Heart Shaped Punch and Die

Abe Lincoln Punch and Die

Duck Head Punch and Die

Shear Blade Questions

How do I fully utilize my blade life?

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Flat Bar blades have up to four cutting edges. To fully utilize your blades, rotate and flip the cutting edges when they begin to wear out.

Punch-Easy should also be applied before shearing.

Contact a Customer Service Representative to determine how many cutting edges your blades have.

Video Demonstration

How do I know which shear blades fit on my machine?

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If you have the following information, refer to your machine’s manual, or match your dimensions with the blade dimensions online:

Machine Make

Machine Model

Blade Length

Blade Width

Blade Height

OEM Part Number

Refer to the image below to see how to match your dimensions with the dimensions online.

Blade Dimensions