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With over 140 years of experience in the industry, our team at Cleveland Punch & Die is dedicated to supporting our customer’s needs. We have the industry’s largest stock inventory and are the OEM recommended supplier for machines across the industry. As the world-class leader in tooling and related components, you can be assured of our commitment to excellence.

Who We Are…

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The Cleveland Advantages

World Class Engineering

World Class Engineering

Our Engineering team designs the highest quality punches, dies, shear blades, and custom tooling.

Consistent Quality

Consistent Quality

We provide our customers with tooling manufactured from our own proprietary tool steel.

Dependable Delivery

Dependable Delivery

Our commitment to manufacturing innovation provides you with prompt shipment on the highest quality tools.

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Customer Support

Engineering Support

Customer Testimonials

"You guys build great punch and dies that make my shop more productive with my Edwards Ironworker. It's a great opportunity to show customers first-hand what your punch and dies do. Along with the Edwards Ironworker, Baileigh Industrial, Strong Hand Tools and other companies that work with me. It's a win, win for all of us."

Philip Hartmann
PH Fabrication

"Geka/Comeq has been dealing with Cleveland Punch & Die since 1983 and we have been impressed by the excellent service that they have provided for us and our customers. We strongly recommend Cleveland Punch & Die for replacement tooling for all Geka ironworkers."

Don Letourneau
Geka Products Manager at Comeq, Inc.

"Running a small custom fabrication business up here in Newfoundland, Canada we needed a reliable source for ironworker punches, dies and parts for our 60 Ton Edwards™ ironworker. We found the Cleveland Punch & Die Company years ago and we never looked back."

Paul & Kathy Short
Specialty Repairs Custom Mods
Newfoundland, Canada

"We got the custom lattice punch we ordered on time and everything worked perfectly, leaving us a great finished product. After creating 1,000 pieces, it still has a perfectly crisp edge on the punch and die, can't even tell it's been used. Cleveland is definitely our go-to source for standard tooling."

Alex Bolewski
Holdfast Welding & Repair
Franklin, TN

"We have been using Cleveland Punch & Die Company's “Punch-Easy®” for two years and just love the stuff. Using it has prolonged the life of our punches. We find using it makes punching on our 60 ton Edwards much easier on the machine. Lubricating the Punch makes a cleaner hole as well as makes the finished product look better."

Paul & Kathy Short
Specialty Repairs Custom Mods
Newfoundland, Canada

" I use this company on a regular basis. They are above reproach. The prices and customer service are top shelf. In the large volume of distributors, I deal with daily, I always enjoy my interaction with Cleveland Punch and Die. And if by some slim margin an error is made in the order, they are quick to rectify."

Cody James

"Great company and product. I have been selling their product for almost 10 years now. When it comes to punching holes these guys know their stuff. Shawn and his staff are great to deal with. I have dealt with other similar companies in the past and these guys are hands down superior."

John Nunes

"We have been working with Cleveland Punch and Die for over two years now and we could not be any happier with them, as a company, from several different aspects ... from prototype tooling, to cross promotional attributes, to simply having amazing customer service. Cleveland Punch and Die has been our first go-to company."

Michael Brandt, Owner/Operator, Garage Bound, LLC

"These guys are amazing! For example, I recently ordered a custom punch / die for an ironworker that I needed in a hurry. Even though it was already mid-day, they jumped on it, machining it to my specifications and sent it out overnight. They truly help us stay relevant in today's fast paced custom metal fabrication environment"

Nick Gulley

"I can't say enough how grateful I am for the team at Cleveland Punch and Die. Ryan, Shawn, Emily, & Shannon have time and again bent over backwards to take care of me. They're always looking out for me and providing guidance throughout the process."

Roger Bank

"These guys are great! They have lots of knowledge to easily answer your questions. And they provide a great product for an excellent price with very quick turn-around times!"

David DeMoise

"Cleveland Punch and Die has helped us at Garage Bound, LLC to be unique and to offer our customers and partners something truly one of a kind. This allowed us to blend industrial machine and metal art in a way no one has yet to do ... providing us the amazing ability to stand out and shine over our competitors!"

Michael Brandt,
Garage Bound, LLC

"The Cleveland Punch & Die Company has been supplying us with our ironworker parts, punches & dies for some time now. The products they produce are about the best we've ever seen. The quality, the design and all their staff is simply fantastic. They are considered by us to be one of the top companies we've ever done business with."

Paul & Kathy Short

"CP&D has been our go-to company when it comes to punches and dies and other machine tooling needs. They are helpful, courteous, prompt and reliable. I call them and they come through. I haven't ever considered another company for our needs."

Kevin Donnelly

"When I need something fast, I simply do not have time to go around and around with unknowledgeable people ... I need what I need as soon as possible to get the job and serve my customer(s)! When I call Cleveland Punch and Die, they know the exact machine style I own and which tooling it uses."

Michael Brandt,
Garage Bound, LLC

"Been doing business with Cleveland Punch & Die for a little over 5 years with great service and results. Would recommend them to anyone."

Joey Vaughn

"Awesome company to deal with and their customer service is second to none! Highly recommended."

Tommy Hodges

"Great company to work with! Very nice people that know what they're doing, and excellent product!"

Johnny Friesen

"The folks at Cleveland Punch and Die are some of the nicest people around. They will treat you like family and have the heart of teachers, not to mention the high-quality of their tooling. I'm so appreciative of the way they've helped my father, Roger Bank, as he develops a start-up business."

Dustin Bank

"Great people to work with. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Great products too."

Sam Levin

"We have owned a complete set of punch dies for over two years without a single tool failure or safety issue. This impresses me! Cleveland Punch and Die demands their products to be extremely high quality. This not only matters to me, but should also matter to you and other end users of their products."

Michael Brandt,
Garage Bound, LLC

"Cleveland Punch and Die makes setting up and using our ironworker a great experience. Tooling ships out very quickly and always outlasts life expectations while delivering a quality finished part."

David DeMoise

"Because of their innovative designs they have helped us speed up our production in our small manufacturing shop. From their Quick Change punch system to their Corner Radius punch it has all added up to higher production and a better product every time. Cleveland Punch & Die Company has the best ironworker products on the planet and the best people backing it up."

Paul & Kathy Short
Specialty Repairs Custom Mods
Newfoundland, Canada

"Got some new ironworker jiggly bits for my 120 ton Piranha from Cleveland Punch and Die. Made in USA for 140 years. I accidentally ordered the wrong die online. They caught my mistake, called me to correct it and got me the die I needed. Hard to beat that level of commitment to the customer."

Dale Lusby
Owner at Lusby Mining LLC

"Glad I found you folks. We punched over 1000 1-1/32" holes today and your new chisel point punch saved everyone in the shop from a day's worth of earth shattering booms from the standard version we've used for years! Our ears are all happy today! Thank you!"

Tom Bingenheimer
Affordable Bender

"The new punches and dies that I received early January are great. They are the best punches and dies I have received from your company. You did an outstanding job on them. The dimensions are spot on and the edge the sharpest I have seen. Thank you so much."

Nicole Nelson

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Cleveland Punch & Die manufactures punches, dies, shear blades, and special application tooling for all machines across our industry.

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