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Punch-Easy® Lubricant             

Punch-Easy® is a non-pigmented, honey-colored, heavy-duty, odorless punching and shearing oil for thick materials. It is used on ferrous or non-ferrous materials where scoring, galling, and friction are a problem. It is a particularly good punch and shear oil for thick, high-carbon steel, armor plate, grader blade, farm implement tools, and stainless steels. Punch-Easy® is unparalleled for high-production and multiple-stage punching or stamping operations.

Actual pyrometer readings indicate an operating heat reduction in drawn parts, punches, and dies of 40 percent. It is to be used for cold application and is not intended for hot application. Punch-Easy® may be diluted with Easy-Thin™ (blending oil) and also made into a spray-on application for less severe jobs.

Punch-Easy® is now available in half-pints, quarts, gallons, 5-gallon reusable pails, case lots, and 55-gallon drums.


Customer Testimonials:

"I am punching a 15/32" square through 3/8" thick mild steel and Punch Easy is the ONLY way to go! I re-lube my punch and die approximately every 10th hit and I just switched to a new punch after my 1,200 hit! Punch Easy is a tremendous cost saver and I would suggest this product to every one of Cleveland Punch and Die's customers."

-M.B. Hutchinson, KS


"Punch Easy eliminated my galling problem immediately!"

-M.M. New York, NY


"Punch Easy solved the problem of the end of our punches pulling off."

-R.W. Oklahoma City, OK


punch easy
punch easy