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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

OEM’s never refer to us as vendors, but always as “partners.” This is the highest compliment we can be paid!
OEM’s benefit from many of the identical services we work so hard to provide to end users of our products. They appreciate our experience, expertise, long hours of operation, responsiveness to new applications, and reliability to deliver exactly what has been specified.

Why do OEM’s Partner with and Recommend CPD?

  • Quality punches, dies, shear blades, and components engineered and manufactured to OEM specifications for your machine and model number.
  • Our engineers work side-by-side with the OEM’s engineers to create innovative solutions to improve safety while increasing efficiencies for the end users.
  • We carry the largest stocking inventory in the industry.
  • Custom technical OEM catalogs.
  • We partner together for open houses, dealer meetings, and tradeshows to answer questions and provide solutions.
  • We NEVER COMPETE with our OEM’s – We are trusting, reliable partners.
  • We provide trusted and predictable support of the OEM’s dealer and customer networks.